When anxiety kicks in, I picture my safe place in my head.

My grandma’s orchid garden.

What is your safe place?

Grace Tamba | Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the blog! I’m Grace and I am currently in my first year studying Bachelor of Psychological Science, dreaming to be a clinical psychologist in the future.

Since I was little, my passion has always been to help people and over the years my passion has helped me to develop my love and interest in psychology.

I created this blog to help other people who are going through whatever journey life has thrown at them and to tell them that it’s ok not to be ok. Do keep in mind, I am not a professional (yet) and that if you think you or somebody you know needs further help, please contact your doctors.


Abigail Tamba | Creative Director

Hi everyone! Welcome to The Orchid Grove. My name is Abigail Tamba and I am currently in year 11. 

I have always been very passionate about creating and designing but never really had the chance to use that passion to create something amazing that has a purpose for other people, including myself, until Grace asked me to team up with her and work together as sisters to help other people in whatever journey of life they are in, using our passions and dreams. 


This blog is designed to provide support regarding mental illness, however, please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or a registered professional and if you are concerned about yourself or someone that you know, please make an appointment with your GP or your local psychologist.